Wood Duck Movie

Clips set to music from my experiences raising wood ducklings, from hatching to their eventual release into the wild.

No birds were harmed in the making of this movie. All duckies are currently living successfully in a protected area, and have managed to nest and hatch their own ducklings.

Music: "Green Summertime" by Robin and Linda Williams.

Further Information:

This project was undertaken to raise the number of wood ducks in this area. All ducks were returned to the wild once they were old enough. The property in this video is protected land that was infested with non-native bullfrogs that were killing the baby wood ducks - only the ducks released by Bird Rescue were surviving. We have since drained the ponds to eradicate the frogs and raised these ducks to adulthood so they would survive. I only removed a portion of the eggs from each nest, (many nest boxes contained 15+ eggs) and monitored the remaining wild nests. Before reducing the frog population, of 6 nest boxes, none of the wild ducklings survived past a week.

The wood ducks remained in the area for several months after this video. As of 3 months after their release, all were accounted for. The ducks from the previous year have successfully hatched their own ducklings and joined the small wild population.

I appreciate all the comments I've received and I'm glad I was able to help others who are raising wood ducklings.

Thanks for watching!


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    1 isabel marant willow Le 02/07/2012

    I know anything you write is technically copyrighted, but I'm not sure how you could prove that it was your original material..

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