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  • naissances carolins 2010.mpg

    Naissance de canards carolins, sortie du nid et premier ébats
  • Wood Duck

    This was a wood duck that we were digiscoping during a workshop at the San Diego bird festival. I started filming him as he was relaxing. As he was about ...
  • Fly-By: Wood Duck

    Ducks Unlimited Chief Biologist Dale Humburg talks about the fast-flying wood duck. Learn more about their biology and how you can improve your chances ...
  • Baby Ducks' First Flight

    Just one day after being born, wood duck hatchlings must take a frightening leap of faith to reach their mother.
  • Wood Duck Movie

    Clips set to music from my experiences raising wood ducklings, from hatching to their eventual release into the wild. No birds were harmed in the making ...
  • wood ducks

    Wood ducks are breeding and stocking up on food this time of year. Wood ducks are visiting our property now as regular as clockwork each spring
  • Wood Duck 2008

    The colorful harlequin plumage of the Wood Duck makes it so striking as to seem unreal. Add to that its odd squealing calls and tree-nesting habits, and ...

    How we as monitors check wood duck boxes through the spring season. Tips and other related information.
  • Bet you never knew ducklings bounce

    Wood ducks build their roosts in holes in trees or nesting boxes built for this purpose. We had 14 ducklings hatch this year, the first year we've put ...