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  • Canard Farci

    Secret de fabrication : Comment est farci le canard ?
  • Whack A Duck Little brat wants a video of him smashing the crap out of a duck - presumably to tenderize the meat before he BBQs it. A presentation ...
  • Duck bombing hunters / Woodpecker cider.

    1993 ad as a parody of "Apocalypse Now", but just for a cider Hunted turning tables on the hunters. A favorite trick of ad creators More commercials ...
  • N 46 pretty woman hunted by a duck

    Learn how to do a fun and cheap home video, how to act funny in a video or a film and how to add humor to your speeches. Visit http://www.funvideo. ...
  • Ducks blown off their feet by the wind

    How do a mother duck and her ducklings fare against strong wind? Find out! Subscribe to my channel:
  • Amazing Bird Fishes Like A Human

    This video has stunned scientists around the world as this bird thinks critically just like a human to catch fish. Give a fish a piece of bread and it ...